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World Assembly of Youth

Kurzname: WAY

Art der Institution: Internationale Einrichtung

Strukturebene: Weltweit

Kurzbeschreibung und Arbeitsschwerpunkte:

The World Assembly of Youth (WAY) is the international coordinating body of national youth councils and organisations. The full members of WAY are national youth councils. WAY has 120 member organisations from all continents.


Founded in 1949, WAY has general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and works in close cooperation with several UN agencies including UNAIDS, UNEP, ILO UNESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF and WHO.


WAY works for promotion of youth and youth organisations in programme areas such as: youth employment, environment, human rights, democracy, population, health, drugs, community development and leadership training.

Menschenrechte, Demokratie, Beschäftigungspolitik, Jugendpolitik, Umwelt, Gesundheit, Droge

World Youth Complex, Jalan Lebuh Raya
75450 Melaka
Telefon: +606 232 1871
Telefax: +606 232 7271
E-Mail: office@DontReadMeway.org.my

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Internetadresse: http://www.way.org.my